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How to get a Fiscal Residence Certificate from Google?

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I'm from Georgia and am planning to advertise my business with Google Adwords. However, whenever I make a payment to Google I have to pay 10% withholding tax on top of that amount. There is a way to avoid this tax if I comply with double taxation regulation, namely a treaty between Ireland and Georgia, which requires me to produce Google's fiscal residence certificate and a contract with Google on an annual basis.


So my question is how do I get the certificate and the contract? There is no local support team for Georgia. Who should I contact?

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How to get a Fiscal Residence Certificate from Google?

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Hi @Merab O,


I am not particularly familiar with Georgia, however, some countries do levy some sort of VAT or sales tax on your payments towards Google. In this respect, Google is just complying with the stipulations of various jurisdictions and collecting tax on their behalf. That's not income for Google proper, it's an obligation. It's important to know that if you weren't charged VAT on your AdWords costs, you might be required to self-assess VAT on your own within the jurisdiction you reside in.


Your contract with Google is established by your behavior in relation to your AdWords account, exactly like when you board an airplane the contract between you and the carrier is established by your buying an air ticket and boarding the vehicle. It's very much different than buying a property when both parties are supposed to sign a document. 


Sometimes advertisers do not complete their VAT ID correctly which may lead to issues. On the help page linked-to below you'll find info about how to edit it if need be. (Remember to select Georgia.)


***   Taxes in your country   ***


Invoices in the Billing & payments section are legally valid because they include the VAT ID and are therefore accepted by local authorities.


Bottom line is that you will not get a certificate or contract from Google. You can obtain invoices by clicking the cogwheel in the upper right corner of your AdWords account and selecting the Billing & payments menu item. Another source of information may be this one:


***   AdWords Terms & Conditions   ***


For more, you are advised to seek professional advice in your own country.