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How to delete AdWords account?

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My prior advertising agency set up an automatic withdrawal for advertising in Google .  I have cancelled this company contract.  I just realized Google is charging my AE card for the last 3 months which I have not authorized.  They are also running old ads and promotions which again I have not authorized.  How do I resolve this.

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September 2015

Re: How to delete AdWords account?

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Hi Rani,

Do you have the main login credentials of the account? If you do, kindly sign into AdWords (

First thing that you should do is go on Billing and remove your credit card details. Apart from this, change the password so that the agency can't sign in again. Be aware, that the recovery email id and phone is set as yours before you change password, else they can again retrieve the password. The recovery email id and phone can be viewed by signing into Gmail ( with the same credentials.


Additionally, go on My account -> Account access and revoke access for all the client email ids as well as MCC. By doing this the agency will not longer be able to access your account.


Next, go one My account -> Preferences and on the page select Account cancellation. Kindly note that AdWords does not delete an account, it will only cancel it. This way, your account history, which is very valuable is retained in the account if you ever choose to run your advertising campaign again.


Hope this helps you out.

- Neeti Ghildiyal
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