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How to Activate G-Adwords Acct with Free $75 Code?

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We have a *new* website hosting account "perk" of $75 bucks for Google Adwords. The directions say go to G-Adwords, proceed through STEP-ONE, they'll send you an email, activate your Code...and go from there. doesn't work like that! I'm clueless hpw to proceed and we'd really like to give Adwords a try to see if it will work for our business.

Any words of advice appreciated. Any negative words indicating we're stupid and "newbs" not appreciated; we already know that. We just want to active our free trial with this code. Help?

Re: How to Activate G-Adwords Acct with Free $75 Code?

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The only way I've ever known to redeem coupons is to enter it in the billings section of your account. As I recall, there's a button in there that says "redeem coupon" or words to that effect.


A few notes. Only one coupon for the life of the account. Coupons can expire and you must use it before the expiry date. They are also good only for new accounts, usually less than 14 days old. But they've changed the coupon system recently. Now, you need to have spent money before you are able to use the coupon. Not sure anymore about the expiry date or oldness of account but I'm sure someone here will set me straight on that.