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How should I charge multiple clients?

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What we currently do is create a fresh adwords account for a new client and put them on the company card. Is this ok with Google? What else is suggested? 

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Hi oneano, Google doesn't really mind how you pay, as lon...

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Hi oneano, Google doesn't really mind how you pay, as long as they get their money Smiley Happy


What you're really asking (I guess) is whether your payment/account model is best practice.


Personally, I usually like clients to "own" their own account in all ways:  it's under their login, it's their payment details.  I think this way is not only fairer for the client (they can move to another advisor anytime they like, they can control the money spent) but also a better/easier option for me (I can walk away from clients easily).


It's also easier to link - and maintain those links - between Analytics and/or Webmaster Tools.


The only time I'd run the account as "myself", having the money charged to me and reclaimed, is when I'm doing a very short trial for a new client.  However, even then I'd still recommend they set up their own account as this retains data when (hopefully) they turn into a long-term client.



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Second Jon's post...

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Hi Oneano,


I completly agree with Jon on this.  Here is my personal reasoning.  Unfortunatly, sometimes Adwords doesn't live up to customers expectations and for whatever the reason, they bail (not very often but it does happen).  The last thing I want to be doing is chasing a client down for money that I've already put out for them by paying for their clicks.  I always let/force clients to provide billing information so we're never held responsible for that end of the deal.  If payments do not go through on the Google side, we alert the client and we're done.  They know and fully understand their responsibility for keeping the bills paid.  If we have to run around to collect management costs that someone doesn't want to pay, so be it, thats generally much less than what they're spending on their campaigns.


Also completly agree wih having clients set up with full adminstrative access to their accounts.  Full transparency is the best way to go IMO.



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