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1.4K members online now
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How do we reduce our Add Words account to the minimum as to a business

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We would like to drop our current service to a lower amount monthly


Re: How do we reduce our Add Words account to the minimum as to a busi

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Hello Will,


The quickest way to drop your total spend is to change your daily budget. A better way is to evaluate your keywords you are bidding on and see how they are performing. You would then pause any keywords that are not performing well.


Its is hard to say what the minimum is since every industry is different. $10/day in one industry might not be enough to get one click while in another industry you may have excess budget every day.


One thing to consider is that conversions are not always a 1 to 1 ratio to your budget. If you reduce your budget by 50% you will most likely lose more than 50% of your conversions.