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How do i see how much money i owe?

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Where do I go to see how much money I owe?

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Re: How do i see how much money i owe?

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Reflex,


Thanks for posting on our Community forum. You can see all your current and past payments in the Billing tabs of your AdWords account. 


The Billing tab of your AdWords account is your one-stop-shop for paying for your advertising costs and managing your billing.


The Billing tab offers simple navigation, filtering options, and easy-to-see summaries of all your important billing and payment information. Here's what it looks like:


The billing tab

Here are some of the things you can do on this tab:

  • See a summary of all your past transactions. 
    Click Transaction history to see past payments, credits and adjustments, and costs related to your account. You can sort, filter, print, or generate a spreadsheet of this information by clicking the Export button on the grey toolbar. And if you'd like to see your past payments and invoices, adjust the time range.
  • Change your billing settings. 
    Add a form of payment to pay for your costs, assign a backup credit card, and see your payment setting. You can also switch from manual to automatic payments by clicking Billing settings .
  • See your profile settings. 
    Click Billing profile to see your billing address, the billing ID number, and other contact information.
  • Make a payment or apply a promotional code. 
    After clicking the Billing tab, click the Make a payment button near the top of the page to make a payment. Or clickMore actions and choose "Apply a promotional code" if you have one.

Re: How do i see how much money i owe?

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So where it says "Current Balance", that is what I owe?

Why is it that on the home page it shows this

Cost clicks

Top increases CA$42.31 1,517
Top decreases CA$0.00 0
Other changes CA$0.00 0
Total change CA$42.31 1,517
Recent period CA$42.31 1,517
Previous period CA$0.00 0

Re: How do i see how much money i owe?

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Reflex,


The information showing on your home page may reflect recent actvity on your Campaign. You may need to wait 1-2 business days before your Billing tab shows the updated charges from your Campaign. 


It's also possible that there are some invalid clicks. If this is the case, you will not be charged for them. 

Google has filtering & detection systems in place for invalid clicks. You can see how many invalid clicks you receive by adding the 'invalid clicks' column in your Adwords account. Ad the report by clicking on the 'columns' tab/icon at account/campaign level. The invalid clicks column shows clicks that your were 'not' charged for & an indication of how Googles technology has filtered these clicks.


If you suspect that your account is affected by invalid click activity, we'll be happy to investigate your account. However, many suspected cases of invalid clicks are actually the result of valid reasons for increases in click activity. For instance, an increase in your clicks or cost could be due to your ads showing more often on the network or could be due to an increase in your daily budget. Very often, simple checks in your account can help you to immediately identify the reason for a traffic fluctuation and make campaign adjustments to improve your return-on-investment (ROI). 


Click on this link if you would like to have Google check your invalid click activity.

Re: How do i see how much money i owe?

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Ok thanks, I'm pretty sure I understand now. But just to make sure, The "Current Balance" Is what I owe but it may take 1-2 days to update. The Home is just based on hoe that campaign is doing but it may not be accurate due to invalid clicks? The reason its confusing me is because the home tab jumped to 47$ but the billing tab just raises by a few cents every day. Thanks for the help again.