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How do I determine what amount to pay for my first campaign ?

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I am placing an add for my tattoo studio. I have chosen manual payments to start with. I want to know what is the minimum payment I need to pay.

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September 2015

Re: How do I determine what amount to pay for my first campaign ?

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Hi Sachin and welcome to the community, I hope you stick around.


It's an industry I've had some experience with and I'd say start with around a $1 bid and then adjust this as you need to. 


The minimum bid will depend on a few factors, location, competition etc so you will need to test it for youself and then make changes that suit your campaign.


As it's a local campaign make sure to use location targeting to get the traffic that can come to your studio. You don't want someone from 200 kms away clicking your ads if they aren't willing to come that far. You can change this in the you settings page for the campaigns.