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How do I change the amount adwords takes in automatic payments?

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I am running an adwords campaign on behalf of a client and we are paying for the campaign on an automatic basis, so Adwords may take £350 in one swoop or may take £150 depending on how the ads are performing.

We would like to change the maximum amount they can take out in one transaction to a max of £100 incase our client randomly decided to pull the campaign (which would mean we are left with a large amount money wasted and credit on the account which we can no longer use)


I hope you can help?


Kindest regards


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Re: How do I change the amount adwords takes in automatic payments?

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Hi Nicola,


In case of automatic payments, Google is going to assign a billing threshold depending upon your spending limit. So that's automatically assigned to your account. See more details in this reference:


You might consider switching the payment method from automatic to manual and for that you will have to pay your balance and contact Adwords support to switch the method:



Re: How do I change the amount adwords takes in automatic payments?

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Hi Nicola, to be honest, my first suggestion would be that you shouldn't be running an Account on behalf of a client - it's not generally a good way to do things and this is just one of the reasons.  I would always strongly recommend that managed accounts are held and owned by the client with the client responsible for billing and the manager simply provided with managed access.  Anyway...


There isn't any way really to do this automatically in a post-pay situation - that's locked into the billing cycle which will bill at your threshold (which for you is probably £500) or every 30-day cycle, whichever comes first - however, you could make manual payments of £100 whenever you want.  


Make a Manual Payment


In this way you could emulate making regular £100 payments.  


I might also suggest that if you do continue to work this way that you work on payment in advance, not in arrears.  You could then use Manual Payments where you pay in advance for Ads and they can never run up a bill as such.


Hope this helps.



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