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Hi, when my total amount owed was at $100.24; I paused everyone of my

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Hi, when my total amount owed for all my campaigns reached $100.24; I paused everyone of my ads and campaigns.  And; I made sure I had $50. to cover the $50. charge. (I had already paid $50. the day beforeSmiley Wink  Anyway; when I went back into my account a couple days later; the total I owed was $200. and 2 of my ads were active. 

Well; I had them all paused so they weren't costing me anymore money.  I can't afford to pay that much money for no results.  I know one of the programs is a great money maker.  Something doesn't seem right.  But; all i'm concerned with is that 2 ads were active; when I know I put them ALL on pause.

Thanks for your help!  Robin Moore

Re: Hi, when my total amount owed was at $100.24; I paused everyone of

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Hi bigbang222,


It seems very unlikely they would switch on themselves. I haven't seen this happen before.


One thing I'd recommend would be to look at your change history to see exactly what changes were made and when. This might shed some light on what might have happened.


You can read up on the change history here


There is a delay in your campaigns stats (up to 3 hours) so this might contribute towards the extra charges as well.


Let me know if that helps you at all.