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Hi, Can I please get a reply to my email below

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From: Laura Vaughan []
Sent: 05 April 2013 12:26
To: '|5f5b0f45|'
Subject: Re: Invoice Query


Hi Jon,


Many thanks for your quick reply.


On the billing – transaction history page – I see the below


1 Sep 2012 - 30 Sep 2012

(Invoice ...201209)

No transactions for this date range


And when I click on the invoice, the below is what is displayed. The date, description and amount are all empty but I can see from my credit card statement that £500 is taken at the beginning and also at the end of every month.



Google Ireland, Ltd.
Gordon House
Barrow Street
Dublin 4

VAT Number: IE 6388047V

Bill To:

Ivy Lodge Farm
179 Shepherds Hill
Harold Wood
United Kingdom

VAT Number:



Monthly invoice

1 Sep 2012 - 30 Sep 2012



Google AdWords

Billing ID


Google AdWords ID


Invoice number


Invoice Date

30 Sep 2012


Record of payments received











From: The AdWords-Community []
Sent: 05 April 2013 11:52
To: Laura V
Subject: AdWords Community Subscription: 1 Update: Re: Invoice Query


Hello Laura V,

You have 1 update from your subscriptions to The Official AdWords Community.

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Re: Invoice Query


Cobnut (Top Contributor)


05-04-2013 03:51 AM

Hi Laura, and welcome to the Community.  Well, that doesn't sound right!


What do you see when you click on an Invoice number in your Transaction History Billing page within your Account interface?  You should see the period of the invoice top centre (e.g. Monthly Invoice 1 Mar 2013 - 31 Mar 2013), address and Account details beneath this, and then a line by line list of payments, with dates and figures.



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Re: Hi, Can I please get a reply to my email below

Top Contributor
# 2
Top Contributor

Hi Laura V,


Welcome to the community.


I would just recommend waiting for a reply as the community is seperate to that support team. On a more important note I would recommend removing this post ASAP as there is a great deal of sensitive information you are sharing there to the public.

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: Hi, Can I please get a reply to my email below

Google Employee
# 3
Google Employee

Hi there, 

Thanks for posting, but Scott is absolutely right. Please remove your personal details so your account will remain safe. You can do tht by clicking on teh Options button and then clicking 'Edit Message'.