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Help with locating my account

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Hi There,


I have been billed on the 11th February which is norally fine and around £10 a month... this month though I seem to have been billed 3 times and its normally 1 amount of around £10 and this time it's  one amount fo...


£11.70 ref: 973789666778615 405 DDR


£78.69 ref: 387785936773075 905 DDR




£9.90 ref: 1650076467747040 05 DDR


I can't find any record of these payments on my adwords account... can you helo me locate them?





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Re: Help with locating my account

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Hi, You should be able to see your transaction history in billing settings and it gives all the past data about your transactions.


Can u check and see?



Re: Help with locating my account

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Hi Bags,

Try checking if you have any other accounts, if you aren't able to find the transaction in the first account. I'd suggest contacting Google, if you aren't able to find a reason for the charge. Contact info here


Good luck,


Sumanth Sridhar