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i just started this Adwords today, i set a maximum budget of 10 dollars, im reading into this and im concerned that im going to be billed more. I normally dont like to set up any kind of online accounts so this is my first time trying it. Can someone explain to me the billing. So far a dollar came out of my account. I thought the full 10 would be taken out at once. Can someone please give me some insight onto the billing information.

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First, let me say that it's not a good idea to post personal contact information on a public forum. I would recommend that you edit your post to remove the email address.


Second, the amount you might be billed in any 30-day period is the total of your daily spending budget times the number of days in the month that your ads were active. You say that your daily spending cap is $10. In a month with 31 days, if your ads were active every day, you could be billed $310.00.


In general, the program bills either every 30 days or whenever some spending threshold (used to be around $500) is reached, whichever comes first. 


I'd also warn you that if you monitor your overall spending day-to-day, you might see days where your account goes over your daily spending cap. It's in the policies that the account might overrun the daily cap by as much as 20% on some occasions. However, at the end of the month, you won't be billed more than the sum of your daily spending cap times the number of days in the month.


(Also, if you reset your daily spending cap to, for instance, $25/day or $100/day at some point during the month, before you lower it back down to $10/day, then the amount you can be billed is higher, because some days you indicated that you wanted to spend more.)


As for the amount your account is debited, that depends on what payment method you selected and what country your account is in. (Sorry, too many unknowns here for me to respond to that part.)

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Re: Help Me PLEASE

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Hi Mike,
To add to Theresa's great answer, since you're new to AdWords below are some resources for you to learn about the AdWords platform and how it works. I strongly suggest taking the time to really research and understand the AdWords platform before investing a lot of money into AdWords. AdWords is a great tool to reach your target audience, but often advertisers can spend money not efficiently when they initially launch a new Campaign and don't fully understand all the features.

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