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Have I received the coupon value yet or not?

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I've received a Google Analytics/Adwords coupon. I have to spend 20€ to get 60€.

I've applied the code and I've only spent about 13€ and I've noticed that I already have the 60€....

But today I've received an email telling me that I have 1 week left to get the coupon offer....



(I'm not sure if this topic is public on the Internet so I've decied to hide my personal information...)


My question is: Do I need to spend more (about 7€?) or I've already received the 60€?

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September 2016

Re: Have I received the coupon value yet or not?

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Hello @Rodrigo_G,

It appears in your billing history that the credit was already applied and you can apply future spending toward that credit. Thus, there is no further action you need to take.

If you are seeing the error message in your Google partners profile / company profile they may not be synced correctly, but you already have the credit.

Let me know if that helps!


Re: Have I received the coupon value yet or not?

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Ok, So, if I already have the credit it was instantly given to me because I've spent 20€ in the past?

I don't see any erros. It's just that I've received that email saying I had 1 week until to obtain my 60€ offer....

I hope that I've already received that credit...