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Got charged $50 instead of $25 to get the $100

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Hi. I just used the AdWords promotion to get $100 free when I spend $25. But on day one I got charged $50. Then I got the $100, but I would imagine that the second half of that $50 bill should be a part of the credit, and not charge me right up front when I'm planning on only paying $25.

Re: Got charged $50 instead of $25 to get the $100

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Hi Patrick C


Welcome to the AdWords community :-)


When you redeem an offer such as a spend $25 to get $100 free credit, the credit only gets applied after the first $25 has been spent, but also the credit can take up to 5 business days to appear in your account. In the mean while, your account accrued additional ad spend charges. If you plan to continue with your advertising, it need'nt be an issue. You will receive your credit, and your account will continue to run as usual.


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Kind regards