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Google wouldn't except my visa card? but withdrew 2.30?

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I purchased a Visa "giftcard" the value was CA 25.00.

I registered the card in my name with my address.

I have used these cards for all my online purchasing for years, never an issue.


I tried to make a payment of CA 24.00 for adwords, but it was declined because of insufficient funds..

I have my visa account page open so I knew there was 25.00 there.

The biggest issue is that Google withdrew $2.30 afterwords, for what reason?


I now have 22.70 in my visa account so I tried again for 20.00. Again declined for insufficient funds.

What's going on here?


Says the minimum payment is 20.00, or I'd continue trying lower amounts.

I've made dozens of purchases, subscriptions, memberships, godaddy domains, ecommerce templates, ect, with these cards, never had a issue, and definitely never been charged money for no reason.


Re: Google wouldn't except my visa card? but withdrew 2.30?

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Badged Google Partner

What kind of payment method are you using? How long has the account been active? Is it possible that you have accrued more costs than are available on the giftcard, so the current balance would not be enough to pay the costs?