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Google taking literally months to get my new account working

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At this point, I think I might just be the victim of a practical joke or something. I'm posting this on the chance that someone reading it can help me with a suggestion or two. I honestly don't know why I haven't just given up on Google, but at this point, I'm just sticking around for the story and "just to see what happens next!"


1) I signed up for AdWords because I got some coupon and wanted to give it a shot. After following the basic tutorial, my ad was rejected, though the error message didn't make any sense.


2) After searching through the message boards and finding nothing, I called tech support. They were unable to determine why the ad (basically the simplest possible ad you can do—no frills) was rejected, and had me delete it and try again several times with variations. No luck. A few weeks later, I got a call saying it was approved, but they had no idea why it didn't work the first time.


3) By the time their tech guys worked out the bug in their back-end that was holding up my account, the coupon expired and I was no longer eligible for the $75 credit. The AdWords rep informed me it would be impossible to restore that credit. Normally I'd be fine with paying up front, but I know several people who felt ripped off by how quickly their initial AdWords budget was burned through with no results, and I wanted to get a feel for keywords, targeting, etc.


4) When I finally gave up and decided to enter my credit card information, the website gave me some generic error and to this day, there's no way for me to activate my account. It won't even let me choose my billing region. Again, there's nothing special about this account. I have a single, simple ad for an App and I live in the United States.


5) My phone conversations with the call center are always friendly, but they can't seem to figure out the technical problem. She had me clear out cookies, caches, and install three different web browsers on multiple computers and multiple platforms. I did to to humor her, and it still ends up with the same error. (They finally agreed the problem was on their server, not on my end.)


6) The latest callback I recieved informed me they don't know what's wrong with their billing system, but they could promise me my account would be active within "60-120 days" (I know! I'm not kidding!) As a concession, she offered me a $70 credit so that I could try running an ad in the meantime.


7) As an amusing side-note, the google call center software must be crap because I have recieved calls to my cell asking for <insert random name here> so something must be mixed up with customer records.  (At first I though it might be a scam, but it was the real google phone number, just a mixup)


8) The credit still isn't showing up on my account, and there's no way to get to the billing tab. Despite the fact that the page says tech support is open Monday through Friday, it's noon on Monday, and I get a recorded message that "representatives are unavailable at this time".


Has this happened to anybody else? Maybe AdWords experience is optimized for large corporations and not individual app developers? Maybe someone inside Google hates me? I think my next step is to just delete this account and make another one under a different email address to see what happens.

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Re: Google taking literally months to get my new account working

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Google Employee

Hi Lightbow,


Thank you for posting on our Community forum. Regarding your new account not working issue, at this time there is no further action we can take here on the Community forum. As was explained to you by the previous AdWords specialist on 1/3/2014, the reason for your current account issue is that due to a technical issue this will take up to another 60-120 days to get resolved. 


You can still decide to create a new account which we can apply a courtesy credit of $75 and this can be used for future advertising. Please note that once this credit is exhausted your ads may not serve till the time technical bug has been resolved. If you want to create a new account, I can have the specialist contact you to set it up with the courtesy credit. Or you can contact them directly with the previous contact info. Please let me know which option you prefer.