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Google is stealing from me!

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Ok, sorry about the overly dramatic subject title.


But here's what's happened.


Several months ago I ramped down the traffic in my Adwords account as I was no longer getting an ROI.


I paused all the campaigns except 1 adgroup that I accidentally missed.


The adgroup that I missed had barely had a click in over 3 years.


Then in the space of 5 days, this "dormant" adgroup all of a sudden racked up almost 6000 clicks.


So it went from maybe 50 clicks in 3 years, to almost 6000 in 5 days.


I'm shocked that for a adgroup that Google hasn't been able to find targeted traffic for over a period of several years, they all of a sudden have a surge of traffic within such a short period of time.


Not to mention over 7 years my account has NEVER got that volume of traffic. Not even close.


So I spent some time talking to customer support, who basically laughed at the idea of a refund.


Their reasoning is that I wanted the traffic (based on my account getting 1-2 clicks a day!), even though anyone could look at my account and see that every action I've performed in there suggests that I did not want the traffic.


And their way of explaining the surge was that the topic was trending, when in fact their own google trends tool shows that it was not. In fact, the topic has trended at a much higher level in the previous 3 years where they couldn't find traffic for the Adgroup.


So they finally agreed to give me 50% credit. I was going to agree because I didn't want to spend more energy on this. But they are insisting that they can only add the credit to the account in question, despite my entire argument was based around the fact that I do not want traffic in that account! 


I do however have a business interest in another account, and the credit would be welcome there, but apparently this isn't possible. (How can the biggest tech company in the world not have the ability to do this?)


Basically I would appreciate any advice on the direction to take from here.


I understand in business things like this happen. But I've been flabbergasted at the way I've been treated with a complete lack of respect by Google's customer support. Being a customer of over 7 years and having spent a small fortune with them, not once was I even allowed 2 minutes to talk to someone who had the authority to talk to my problem.


I used to love google as a company, but now my opinion is quickly changing.


Once again, thanks for listening and any tips are welcome!

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Re: Google is stealing from me!

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Hi Geoffrey, sorry to hear you've had problems, and for the most part, the only people that can really help in this situation are support themselves, since proper help will require access to your Account and history, which none of us have here.  However, I do have a couple of questions:


#1  You say you paused all your Campaigns but left one Ad Group missed.  Since Ad Groups are contained within Campaigns, and if the Campaign is paused, no Ads will serve, can you clarify whether you did indeed pause all your Campaigns?


#2  What budget had you set for the Campaign that accrued these 6000 clicks?  Google will only deliver clicks to the limit of your daily budget so presumably, if you received over 1000 clicks per day, your budget must have been sufficient to allow this.



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Re: Google is stealing from me!

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Hi Cobnut, thanks so much for your reply.

To answer your questions, first I am quite sure the adgroup in question was active at the time.

What I remember doing is pausing every adgroup that was getting traffic. So my issue was not with it receiving traffic when it was actually paused.

Secondly, in the spike of traffic it may have marginally gone over the budget. But not dramatically.

I really do understand that from a very technical standpoint I don't have much to complain about.

But my points are that this system is designed for human beings to use, and thus should operate in a way that an actual person would expect it to.

If a computer is to analyse what happened it would say, this is correctly within the parameters.

Yet if a human looks at it, it is blatantly obvious that it's a incredible deviation from the expected behavior of the account.

It's also blatantly obvious to a human that the clear intention of me, the operator, was to get ZERO traffic. Every action within this account has pointed to this over the last few years.

(I mean, I thought it was safe to assume that if I paused every adgroup getting traffic, I would stop getting traffic)

Here's a picture from within the account that shows what I mean about it being an incredible deviation from the accounts normal behavior. This is 3 years of history of the adgroup in question.

So my questions are, why after all this time where Google has been unable to find traffic for this adgroup, can it suddenly find such a flood.

I think the thing that has make this situation the unpleasant experiences that it's been was the complete lack of respect I felt from customer support.

And I know this is just emotional whinging, but I've paid more money to Google over the years than I've spent on anything else in my life.

On top of that I've marveled at Google as a company, and taken inspiration as a business owner.

So to feel that I'm not even a valued customer, and in fact completely powerless in any situation where I had concerns was a big shock to the system.

The basic message I got was that they will do anything they choose to, and there's simply nothing I can do about it.

Re: Google is stealing from me!

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Can you check if competitors maybe used bots to absorb your clicks? Sometimes they rotate IP etc and you have to really focus on them and do some thorough analysis. do you have any IP tracking software like clicky installed for the site? check into it because if this really doesnt get traffic, someone might have been targeting your account to take you out of the game, it may also be why your ROI dropped dramatically.