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Google drained my card and asks for 100 BGN more???

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My hosting provider ( issued a voucher for adwords for 90 BGN. It's some sort of google promotion if I spend 30 BGN google gives me additional 90 BGN in adwords. Fine.


I did that and I did got the 90 lev.


Got my ad running and never signed in again thinking that hen those 90 BGN run out google will just stop showing my ad. NO! Actually my ad kept running past those 90 BGN, drained my card (thankfully I never kep a lot of money in it) and now google says I owe additional 100 BGN. If I don't pay I risk being suspended.


What? How is that fair? Please someone answer me.

Re: Google drained my card and asks for 100 BGN more???

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Badged Google Partner
Hello Emil,

This has happened most probably because you opt for the automatic billing method. If you had opted for the pre paid billing method, this would have never happened.

And yes, now you will have to pay for the additional 100 BGN or they would suspend your adwords account.