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Google charging the wrong card.

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I wondered if anyone is having the same problems I am with Google billing.  Initially the billing system was unable to make any charges to our primary payment card and always resorted to billing against the back-up card.  There were no issues with the cards; we could even switch the primary and back-up cards and it would still only bill against the back-up card.  This isn't a major inconvenience, however, recently we changed the back-up card details and Google still makes charges to the old card; even though the card isn't a primary or back-up card any longer.  Anyone else having issues with Google's billing system?

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Re: Google charging the wrong card.

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Hi there,

I've escalated this issue to a support specialist. You should hear an update soon.

Thanks for your patience until then,

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September 2015

Re: Google charging the wrong card.

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your questions! In regards to your first question, it is possible that the primary card was not being charged because it needed to be re-enabled. If a card had ever had a decline for any reason (see here for common reasons) and the card had not been re-enabled for charging, it is possible that the backup card on file would be the only one charged. See this resource for how to re-enable a form of payment!

AdWords should never charge any card on file that is not assigned as either a Primary or Backup. It is also possible that the primary card was expired meaning you would need to update the details on the card as described in the resource above.

In regards to your second question, I would recommend going to your Billing Tab and ensuring that the correct cards are “selected as” Primary and Backup. If a card is not selected for either of these options, it should not be charged. Please let me know if you have any additional questions by responding to this post!