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Google adwords rip you off!

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Hi, I'm getting ripped off massively by Google Adwords.
I ordered 2 x $20 for 1 week of ads for my YouTube channel videos about 6 months ago and it went well.
I ordered 2 x $20 for 1 week of ads for my YouTube channel videos 2 weeks ago and adwords are charging me like $600!

The adwords purchase was very difficult and amongst the confusion adwords are saying I ordered the wrong product (convenient for adwords).

They should have proper ordering that's crystal clear with no confusion or ambiguity.
I normal business this would be unethical sales and a full refund would be ordered.

I have tried 2 times for Google adwords to cancel the server and they won't. The customer service a very sharp and dodgy and know how to take advantage of you and not help out at all.

I had to call my bank to cancel the credit card and issue a new credit card.

In a battle now to make adwords refund the $560...fraudulent business...don't risk it.

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Re: Google adwords rip you off!

Google Employee
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Google Employee
Hi Mini U,

I'm sorry to hear that this was your experience.

I have passed this post onto one of our AdWords Support team members. They will be in touch soon to help you get a better resolution to this.

Let us know if you have any further questions about this,

Google adwords rip you off! battle, round 28.

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Continuing from


Trying to reply after receiving an email 'Did it solve your problem?', however the only option for no is to 'post your question here', so here is a new post.


To cut a loooooong story short, I actually received an email when to call me for the next round of this epic battle of a 2 x $20 charge which is now up to $619.87.

I replied and the support person failed to call me urgently and chose to ring me days later on my local Saturday morning time, so I asked to ring back during the working week...haven't heard from anyone since...


...except for two emails 'Did it solve your problem?', then 'we couldn't process a payment with your Visa for $278.29...'




During the battle rounds, 3 chat support agents were asked several times to cancel this Google charging account which they didn't do, which seems to have conveniently added more charges in Google's favour.


Thank science I was able to cancel my credit card, immediately after failing on the 1st chat support attempt, to cancel the account and received a refund, which went round in circles with someone who understood little English.


Well, now I guess I'm running out of options with a faceless and bodiless to the fair trade office, or does someone know of local authorities to protect consumers against misleading international sales companies?

Re: Google adwords rip you off!

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Re: Google adwords rip you off!

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Well, Google AdWords Community are claiming a credit $278.29 from the 2 x $20 for 1 week order.
This $278.29 charge occurred after the 1st of many cancellation attempts failed with Google's support who probably misunderstood the English conversation on 201309301030.

Hence this claimed 'credit' is really the 2nd of wrong charges that shouldn't have been charged in the 1st place, as the account should have been cancelled which the Google chat records will show on 20130931030.

So, back to square one of the original refund request of the over charged $348.74 amount on the original misleading order of 2 x $20.

Google claims this will take a while, but I won't let this go and have arranged a meeting with a real human at the consumer ombudsman, whilst Google takes their time with my hard earned money.

Well, this is battle round 29 to correct Google AdWords' sales techniques which do not show (or is not clear at all) how to check how much the exact charges are and/or may be;
Had not warned me when the charge was reaching a high amount;
hence contributing to the confusion of online orders without any human support for beginners.

Re: Google adwords rip you off!

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My experience is that I spent several hundred pounds and not one response to several ads despite having expert assistance from Google in setting up the ad.  If I spent that money on a newspaper ad, I would have a full appointment book by now.  Goggle Ads are massively overpriced especially when you consider they deliver zero results.  I do not believe I offer an inferior service or that I lack qualifications or experience in the field I am advertising in.  Google may be good for big cashed up businesses but for small users it is a non starter.