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Google Voucher from WIX

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Hello! Im writing this to ask for help to solve a problem.


Ive subscribed a Unlimited account on and I won a $75 Google Ads Voucher.


So, yesterday Ive configured my Campaign, and on the billing information I added my Voucher Code (that was today).

When I entered it, a message appear telling me that "Your Ad will start almost immediately, however, after the Voucher expires, you will have to make a payment in order to keep advertising" or something like that.


However, few minutes after, another message appear saying that My Google Ads arent running because I havent made a payment yet.


So, can anyone explain me how this thing works? I mean, I have to pay to use a Promotion code? Is that it?

Could anyone help me so I can USE the voucher I had? I already used the Voucher Code, and when I try entering it again, it says it is no longer available.

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September 2015

Re: Google Voucher from WIX

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Hi Pribonifacio,


There might be a few hours delay till the payment you made with the code takes effect. Just be patient for a day or so.




Re: Google Voucher from WIX

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Hello pribonifacio;

In addition to Lakatos' answer - check with WIX if the coupon they offer is valid in your country.

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