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Google Charges

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To Whom It May concern:

I registered to use my google adwords account beginning of November 2015. I got very confused trough out setting up my ads. I decided to call google adwords phone number that listed on the billing , Unfortunately, they were not open.( It was late night PST). I decide to call them later. I left my account unfinished and paused my ads.( Please see attached)

Before I know , i was charged three times on my credit card within the three days. Charges were $143.96 , $350.00 and $200.00. I tried to call the number but My account was suspended. I was charged these amounts with out using any of the Google Adwords services. I'm very disappointed that Google Adwords Team runs my ads with-out letting me know. I never wanted to advertise before I put my proper information out there.

Is it so hard to get these charges remove ? Im very helpless ! Can Someone help? Otherwise, I will be filing complains with BBB . Consumer Report and my local complain bureau .

I'm looking to resolve this issue in a timely manner


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December 2015

Re: Google Charges

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Hey Zaza, how are things?

Usually this happens when you set up billing information and create at least one campaign with one ad group, a few keyword, and at least one ad. If you did create all of this and left the campaign active. that's why probably they're charging you.

Unfortunately, we don't have access to users accounts since we are just volunteers, but the best thing to do is to push things with support. On this page there're a few other ways for you to contact them:

Don't forget to pause your campaigns, just in case.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click