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Google Billing notification by email

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Same here. My accounts dept needs an invoice sent. What makes it worse when the useless invoice pops up you cant send that via email because it then converts to Chinese characters. Same if you save as a webpage? I used to work for a big company that was invoiced and not pay by credit card. The invoices had all the campaigns itemized and payments added., Thee invoice just have payments.
We need to charge costs centres for different depts so I have to go and download a separate csv file to break it into campaigns manually.

With the 1000s of Google engineers and developers it's a shame that Google can't solve the simplest of solutions for customers even in the wake of 1000s of requests and complaints.

Re: Google Billing notification by email

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Hi Northpoint T,

Have you tried printing the invoice as a PDF ?

You can do that and send the pdf via an e-mail.
George Gemenetzis
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