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I opened an account with Google Adwords, I ran a small balance of $43.00. I then received a promotional code for $135.00. I entered this code and the balance of $43 was taken off right away... I thought great!!!!
Yesterday I received an email from google saying the tried to withdraw $43.00 from my account but it was declined due to insufficient funds, though on my bank statements it shows the transaction went through I also contacted my bank just to make sure and they said it went through and to contact google. I spoke with 2 different people at google and they both said the transaction was declined and the system will charge my account again. Even though I still have a credit on the account.
So I have already been charged twice and they are going to charge me again............

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Hi there,


Promo codes are for future use, like an advertising credit and cannot be adjusted towards outstanding balance. So the promotional credit can be used to run campaigns.


Speaking of the $43 charge on your bank account, it would be back in your bank account if the charge wasn't successful. however, if it was successful, your AdWords account would show that under billing summary.


Based on both the response from Google, those transactions might have failed but not yet showing up in your account. I'd suggest waiting for a couple of days to see the update.


You can be rest assured, that Google wouldn't charge more than once Smiley Happy



Sumanth Sridhar