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Google Adwords ip addresses linked back to Ireland google hq

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Hi all. 

Ober the past two days I have noticed an increase in traffic from our google adwords great so I've checked from our cookie tracker where they have come from...

lets say out of the 28 clicks 4 were actually real clients 4 from California 8 from India and 12 from Ireland why someone from California India and Ireland was getting an Adword come up for a Kent based tutoring business I don't know. So I looked into it.


The Californian clicks were all coming from the same area different IP all in the space of 20 seconds from Sunnyvale.


india was the same ip and is a SEO company 


however more interesting is the Irish clickers.


12 clicks that's a lot for not being in Kent... 

ip tracked to Dublin narrowed down to the same area as Google Hq Europe. Surely not.

12 individual IP addresses all from the same map area and the clicks ran the same as the Californian clicks 3 within seconds then a few hours past another 3 the 2 more hours past and another 3. I've now deactivated my Adwords and guess what the Irish and Californian clicks have stopped. The Indian ones have continued and I am still getting on average 4-8 clients a day visit the company site.


I'm guessing that google has something to do with the foreign clicks no where near my areas to engage clients! 


Lets just say say they have lost my advertising of £200 a month which they have probably laughed at as the CEO of google warns more than that a second. But it's the small businesses that use this service the most

Google Adwords ip addresses linked back to Ireland google hq

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Probably just test or troubleshooting clicks. You don't get charged for clicks made from Google's computers.