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Google Adwords account suspension

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I see this message in my MCC accounts for 3 of my accounts. "Your Google AdWords account has been suspended because your billing information in this or a related account could not be verified." I tried calling Google India and they sent it to support. They got a response that account cant get our of suspension. I tried sending email to adwords support and they send me canned response. I dont know what to do here and how can my account get out of suspension. Finally I cancelled 1 of my account and 2 are still alive.


One important note about my account. I am using manual payment system and paying in advance through my bank. I am not using any card.


Secondly This has got cancelled on the day when I linked to google shopping account. I dont know if it is related to that. I am really new to all this and I have high hopes from some google team member that they review my account closely and get me out of suspension.

Re: Google Adwords account suspension

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Thanks for reaching out.

I've passed along to one of our specialists so they can take a look at your account and provide more specific information. They'll be reaching out via email.