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Google Adwords Refund

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Google billing has taken money out my account without my consent. I have tried to call , but to no avail and one so called department had the audacity to only provide a 50% credit on the account,not my bank account,but the account that does not work in any shape or form. 

I can see there are more people who are not refunded the monies like myself. 


Can anyone help to contact google and recoup our money?

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Google Adwords Refund

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Hi Sushma W,


There could be multiple reasons for both the charge on your card/account and partial refund. I would suggest sending a detailed email to AdWords support. You can do this from the help section (top right corner) by logging in to the account. You can seek help from here as well.


Feel free to write back!



Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Google Adwords Refund

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Dear Team

Your link sent is useless.

I am not sure where to start but please bear with me and I will do my best to give you the full details as below:

In February sometime middle of the month, sorry I do not have the exact date, but you will have access to the conversation, I decided o TRY out Adword Express using my voucher of £75. sent to me by Google mail shot. When I spoke to your help desk at Adword Express, a fellow called Duncan, he told me that he could only give me a very minimum amount of help, even though it was my first time EVEr to use any kind of campaign which was paid for. He explained that due to my minimum spend, he had to give more time to the people who were going to pay more per day. I was very clear that I ONLY wanted a TRAIL using the voucher and he informed me that I would have to spend the first £25 pounds from my account, before the voucher could be activated automatically. AT NO PONT did he stress or guide me to stop the activation and after certain hours or days. I was under the impression that since I had insisted on TRAIL with my Voucher and my budget was £25 only, due to end of year coming up, the voucher would be activated and when it was used up, I would be notified of the end and given a choice to continue or end the term.

The campaign was a completer FAILURE FROM GOOGLE . IT WAS DIRECTING PEOPLE FROM BIRMINGHAM TO LIVERPOOL, considering I had asked for South East only, and Goolge directory were connecting people looking local florist and Interflora. NONE of these words were ever near my campaign. Adwords told me it was not a good idea either. This is the description of a RIP OFF OFFER!

It was not until the £27th of March that I noticed my account had been debited of £50.00 (dated 5th of March)- already twice of what I had to spend on Trial) and I immediately called for help, which took a very long route and NOBODY was willing to help me to get through accounts. I was guided to stop the campaign and I explained the person that I must speak to the accounts. I was told someone would get back to me. NO ONE DID SO. Totally irresponsible of your team.

I then noticed a HUGE amount left on the 6th of April £125.96. I was passed around from pillar to post, and I admit I was very annoyed but they kept repeating themselves and would not refund me the money which had been taken out of my account without my consent, knowledge or prior warning. IN OUR BOOK IT IS FRAUD. At no point, I had agreed to continue with the campaign nor had I given permission to debit my account for ONGOING business. I gave your colleagues ( Someone called Rolinson) plenty of chances to refund my money, but they only offered me a 50% credit on another campaign!!! They were INSANE! What would I do that when it was so horribly disastrous in the first place?

My end of year account now shows a hole due to FRAUD committed by AdwordExpress team. I only asked what was taken out and not the hours spent chasing the people to come to me with a decent resolution. My hours are equally valuable and need to be paid for, but I was willing to accept the total money which was taken out of my account in full credited back in my bank. Sadly, no one was willing to help. I had to report to the bank and Action Fraud.

Kindly check the transcripts and you will realise that I was not made aware of the continuation of my account being debited for good. Therefore I have asked my bank to retrieve my money owed.

I trust this will settle the issue and I will make sure I inform as many people I know, NEVER to allow ADWORDEXPRESS to run with any campaign.

Regards from a very distraught client.

Sushma Windsor

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