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Google Adwords Manual Payments

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I like to use amnual payments for my adwrods.  Every morning I add my budget for the day, pay via credit card and roughly half and hour later my adwords campiagns start.  This is how we have been operating for many years.  For the past few weeks there has been at least a two and half hour lag before my campiagns start showing despite the fact that my credit card has been charged and payment has been accepted. This is very frustrating and we are missing out on many sales opportunities.  Has there been some kind of change in the manual payments process? Why is there such a lag between payment and ads showing?

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Re: Google Adwords Manual Payments

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Hi Dave,


I can't comment on CC processing and time lags as we're not privy to that information.  Personally I would not count on such a plan as you can see, issues could arise.  


If you can, you could try to load up weekly or monthly funds and that way, you'll not have to wait for your daily payments to process.  Simply put, try to stay ahead of the budget to avoid any delays in your campaigns.


Just a thought.



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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