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Google Adwords Account Not Active

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I put video ad via Youtube and got forward into Adwords and finish payment, but, when i check the status of my campaign i got that message on the top:


"Your account isn't active because you haven't entered your billing information. 
To activate your account and start running your ads, enter your billing information. Learn how."


I check the link google gave (Learn how) to the guide but the information there was old and not correct. See for yourself.


All my information is correct and valid include Addresse billing and all other information.

Now, i really dont know what to do since i dont know where do i find and where do i change this information?


Can someone help me?


Re: Google Adwords Account Not Active

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Hi Avi S Smiley Happy. Welcome to the community.
I suggest that you wait for a couple of hours as the system will review your account. It is their standard procedure to ensure the protection and security of the advertiser's accounts.
However, if there is no changes, contact them here-
*P/s: Try the chat support.

Hope that helps. Good luck Smiley Happy