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Google AdWords 1 Year Overdue Account

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Hi all, my account has been outstanding for nearly a year, I owe £186.51.


I was told to access my account and start to make payments by a third party company chasing the debt. I logged in and made a £20 payment. Google then without my knowledge enabled all my ads. I now have a £400 pound bill.


Does this seem right? To have an outstanding account for nearly a year, make a small payment and it to be enabled again?


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Re: Google AdWords 1 Year Overdue Account

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Hi there,

While it is unfortunate to be in such a situation, I'd like to let you know that ads/campaigns aren't enabled automatically by Google, upon making a payment or even otherwise. Your campaigns could have been active and not serving due to an outstanding balance.

In case of Automatic Payments (Credit Card), account limit increases when the first threshold is met. I can think of such a possibility in your case, as your campaign has accrued charges more than £186.51.

As AdWords is a self managed program, it wouldn't be possible for Google to refund or waive this amount. I know It is unfortunate and I've seen such cases before as well. Could you check if your campaigns are paused, to prevent further charges? Have you contacted the support team to explain your situation?

Sumanth Sridhar