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Google AdWord is not accepting UK Bank Debit card

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We have just setup Google Adword account and created campaign. However, when we tried to add billing, Google Adword is not accepting the card and saying enter correct card information and use different card.


This is a small joint venture Bangladeshi registered company whose one of the partners is in UK and he is using his UK bank debit card (VISA) for making the payment. But when we select country of billing address as "United Kingdom", the account type is showing Business and we cannot change it to Individual. 


I am not sure what account type he selected when he created this adword account. How do I check it? 


I have tried to use a Bangladeshi Bank Debit Card (VISA) and it still says same thing. Any suggestions?


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February 2017

Google AdWord is not accepting UK Bank Debit card

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Well, this means that the business info does not match the card holder info, hence declined. 

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