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Google Ad Words’ credit management partner, 'Aeren'.

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I have received a number of emails from "Monica" from Aeren It Solutions about an outstanding balance on my Adwords account. Within the email she says "This notice has been sent by Google Ad Words’ credit management partner, 'Aeren'."


Since my Adwords account is up to date with it's finances (Adwords are running and there are no outstanding balances), I can only assume this is some sort of phishing scam. I have searched for the company, which finds a Debt Recovery service, but just wanted some official words from a Google employee to verify if this is an official partner company that operates with Google, or not.


The emails have no google logos at all, but they quote all of my details very accurately (company name, personal name, Adwords Customer ID, and a previous billed amount).

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November 2015

Re: Google Ad Words’ credit management partner, 'Aeren'.

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Hi there;

Google does work with some collection agencies to recover users' unpaid balance / debt, but since you are saying your account is in a good standing, with no outstanding balance,  I would be suspicious.

Call customer support and check with them;

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Re: Google Ad Words’ credit management partner, 'Aeren'.

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Sounds like spam - people are worried about their advertising and trust Google so it makes it a great target.
Generally if your account is in arrears then you will get a warning 'inside the AdWords interface' warning that your ads will stop.
Not a random unbranded email.