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Getting a Card Verified for billings

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Hi there

My account was just suspended after a week. My client invested a small fortune in building the website and thereafter spent ZAR3000 on Adwords. The reason given for the suspension was that my card could not be verified. I have filled in the form asking the policy department to reconsider the suspension. I am sure they will need written proof verifying my card. I would like to know what that is? What does Google need, what doc should I provide to prove my card is mine and valid.


Also my client had another account that was previous suspended, he asked me to look at this which I did. I am not sure if Google recorded an association with my account and his old suspend one because I logged in form my computer- Is this possible? Are suspensions viral? I am still a novice.  Before I started an read the policies carefully and took every effort not to breach them. Please help, I am devastated.



Chief O

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September 2015

Re: Getting a Card Verified for billings

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Google Employee

Hi Chief O,


Thanks for your post. I'm not entirely sure what exactly the AdWords Team will require to verify your credit card details. When this happens, the best option is to fill in the following form (if you have not already done so): , or call your AdWords Support Team (phone numbers are here: ). 


An AdWords account can be suspended for being related to another AdWords account that violated T&C's. This information is explained here: . The Team do not disclose all the factors that they take into account when assessing whether accounts are related, however they do look at a number of different and varying factors to determine this. 


In my opinion, I think your best option is to get in touch with the AdWords Support Team so they can provide advice on your specific situation. 


Best of luck!