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Genuine repeat clicks

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I've heard many differences in opinion and seen no actual clarification from Google about charges on repeat clicks.


I know about the invalid click procedures and the way these are filtered etc but my question is if a user from the same IP clicks my ad, say 4 times in 24 hours if for example they are comparison shopping, am I charged for this activity?


My understanding is that a user can click my ad up to 2 times per impression (if they hit 'back' and click again from a cached search) so I'm wondering if I am charged for all 4 clicks in this example, or just a maximum of 2 if from the same impression, or a maximum of 1 if from a new search on each click.


I've heard something from a representative at Google that I wouldn't be charged more than once for repeat clicks from the same user within a 30 day period, and a 24 hour period from another representative. AdWords has plenty of resources on invalid click activity and also this: 


  • Return visits: Individuals may click your ad more than once when comparison shopping or returning to your site for more information."

But this doesn't answer my question.


Can anybody clarify this?

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Re: Genuine repeat clicks

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cost is per click (likely four, assuming the current example).

multiple clicks may be based on the same impression (e.g. the back-button).

the 30-days and 24-hours likely relate to calculating
conversions, data reporting, and accounting-cycles --
i.e. there would still be four clicks total.

return-visits, the same ip-address, etc., are examples
explicitly related to google pointing out that those
scenarios do *not* necessarily indicate invalid clicks.

invalid clicks are based on a wide range of factors --
especially given today's network topologies and designs
where the same ip-address can be assigned to multiple
people in a short time frame.

of course, google can always be contacted again directly for
clarification or to investigate a specific invalid click incident.