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Frustrating Billing Loop Leads to No Answer

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My account has been suspended due to a chargeback from a credit card. The notification message says to pay the balance to remove the suspension. Done. Balance has been paid AND chargeback was canceled by banking institution leaving my account with a balance of $500 credit.


My account is still suspended so I've emailed Adwords support and have not received a response (now 4 days old). I called the number for support and when entering my 10 digit ID, I get an automated response saying to email support. I come to this forum and previous "solved" questions say to go to the contact page of AdWords support which give me all of the same options I've tried. 


This is beyond frustrating. I have an account that owes me $500 and I'm still suspended. Please help.

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Re: Frustrating Billing Loop Leads to No Answer

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Hi Shawn,
I understand your frustration completely. Thanks for searching the forum. As you can see, you're not alone in this. There's a lot of smoke and daggers around account suspension and Google don't make things very clear in this area.

In a lot of cases, while Google SAY it's a billing issue, it's not. If you would like to share your website URL (the one you're advertising) we might be able to point out something else that got you suspended.

Other than that, all we can do is suggest that you fill in this form and wait:

Sorry I can't be of more assistance right now.