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Free Advertising Credit from Google Adwords is not showing

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My $250.00 Free Advertising Credit from Google Adwords is not showing, my offer code is 6EL7E-V4FKC-CR3L

I activated the code this week and everything was working properly until I recieved an email stating my billing isn't enabled. 


My AdWords Customer ID: 115-590-8878


Please get back to me via email or via Telephone 212-385-0121 and ask for Courtney.


Thank you and look forward to updating with you.

Re: Free Advertising Credit from Google Adwords is not showing

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HelloDaisy D, 


Welcome to adwords community, 

Please remove your customer id. & email id. This is public community.You'll need to enter valid payment information in order to activate your Google AdWords account and use your promotional credit. Google does this to ensure that new advertisers intend to use their account purposefully, and also to make sure that valid payment information is available in case you decide to continue advertising after your credit has been used.

If you've chosen to pay by prepay, your ads will automatically stop running when your prepaid funds are used up.


If you've chosen to pay by postpay, your ads will continue to run after the promotional credit has been used up. You'll be responsible for any charges that occur after that. If you don't want to accrue charges for your postpay account after the credit has been spent, you can pause your campaigns at any time or set an end date  to automatically end your campaign on a specific day. If your campaign has been successful, you can easily choose to extend the end date.


Hope it helsp you.