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Form 'Account conversion - No Agency / Advertiser paying the invoices'

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I have a complicated MCC tree ("main" MCC has old billing configuration, one of sub-MCC have a new one) - issue is when I want to create a new account in sub-MCC and apply my sub-MDS contract (consolidated, new interface). It was solved by Engage team: I had to submit a form called "Account conversion - No Agency / Advertiser paying the invoices" which was this one:




Now, the URL is borken (redirects to general help). Upon this form my account was converted and MDS applied correctly.


Question is: where can I find this form now?

Or if You understand the need of this form -  how to convert my account the way I need (if I don't, I cant apply my sub-MDS but "father MDS" which I can't - different countries). This may be France-specific. I already contacted my help but I hope it may be easier here - thank you very much. No form - no new Adwords spending : )

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Re: Form 'Account conversion - No Agency / Advertiser paying the invoi

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Google Employee

Hi there, 

This looks a bit account specific so I think it may be best for the Support team you've already contacted to take over from here. Billing with MDS spend usually can have some account and market specific tweaks needed that might be more tricky to get to the heart of on the Community. 


Hope the support team can help you out further there!