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Entered billing info and transaction successful yet 'billing information is missing'

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I have just started a new campaign. I have entered my credit card info and made a transation. The payment was successul and the credits are listed in the billing summary. The credit card is marked as primary payment method. 


Yet when I go to campaigns, I get 'This account isn't active because its billing information is missing.' My ads are not running. When I click on 'enter billing info now', it goes to the billing summary and shows the correct info is already entered.


I have also tried to change from automatic to manual and it just says 'An error has occurred.Dismiss'.


So my ads arent running because I haven't entered my billing info, which I have done. In fact, I have made a successull transaction and have credits. Thinking that maybe these are 'manual billing credits', I want to switch to manual billing to start the campaign using the credits, but I cannot do this.


An advice as to what I can do to get my account running?



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Re: Entered billing info and transaction successful yet 'billing information is missing'

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Hello gabbaa; welcome;
I understand your frustration and disappointment. However, billing /payment issues are account specifics. Since we do not have access to the account we cannot help with that.

Please contact your local Google customer service. (See contact details below):

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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