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Downloading Invoices

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We currently use the GoogleAdwords service and pay on an automatic basis.

I am trying to locate and download the invoices for these payments but I am unable to find them. I have looked at other queries on the forum but the answers don't seem to help my query.

When I go to the gear icon > billing & payments I am given 4 options down the left of my screen:
Payment Methods
Billing Transfers.

I note that on transactions there is no invoice option only the payment receipt and campaign activity.


How can I get the invoices to download?




Re: Downloading Invoices

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Same problem here.. Nobody can help us? Smiley Sad 


Best regards!

Downloading Invoices

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Hi Lucian,


I have just spoken with Customer Services and resolved our issue so hopefully the following helps you also.

Go to the gear icon (top right) and select billing & payments
Select the Transactions option under Summary
Once you can see all transactions amend the middle drop down field from All Transactions to Payments
You should be able to see a Documents line under the date range with an downwards arrow. If you click this it should bring up and allow you to download the month end summary invoice.

Hope this helps!