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Don't understand "Total Cost"

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I do not understand how the billing works in adwords fo my video campaigns.  I am advertising my youtube videos and i set my daily budget to $2.00, I just started the service about 2 weeks ago.  I have my account set up for manual payments as well.  For my video campaign, the total cost column reached $289.  Is this the price that i have to pay for my ads, or just something else.  Please help!

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Re: Don't understand "Total Cost"

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Hello gasper21893;

If you set your daily budget to 2 dollars per day, your overall payment, per month should not exceed roughly 30*2. (To be precise:  30.4*2,  where 30.4 is  the average number of days in a month).


If you are charged more; check your settings, or the duration your campaign has been running. Google does not exceed the monthly budget!

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