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Do I get charged for Overdelivery Credits?

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What is Overdelivery Credit, Will i get charged For It !

I see a tab for "overdelivering credit" in summary and transaction history in my campaign billing.

This is way more then my my daily budget.

For Eg;

I set my daily Budget for 2$ but i see charges of 60$ in overdelivery credit field, and my total cost for campaign is increased to 70$ which is very expensive and beyond my daily budget.

I removed the campaign coz i couldn't understand what are the charges

Will i get charged 70$ or my daily budget of 2$ will be charged  ?? Its complicated i cant understand

Kindly help asap !

Re: Do I get charged for Overdelivery Credits?

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Hello Sparsh,

First off, welcome to the AdWords Community.

To answer your question, no, you will not get charged for Overdelivery Credits. It's not something that you have to pay for. Here's the Help Center link for reference:

"A credit applied to your account if we've shown your ad so much that you exceed your monthly charging limit. Google doesn't charge you for these clicks and can automatically issue a credit on your invoice."

I hope this helps.