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Disput billing for an unused campaign to a non-exisitng website.

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Hi forum,

I was validating a product a few years ago and set up an adword campaign to the site to test some stuff.

Fast forward a year and I find out my card was still being charged for an active campaign - the click-throughs were terrible so it wasn't that much per month. Regardless of the amount, I still go into admin and cancel the campaigns.

Fast forward again and I learn that the campaign was still running - even though the site was non-existing. To boot, in the last month or two, for some peculiar reason, the click throughs have suddenly jumped 10 fold.


Now I am faced with a couple hundred dollars in charges. Obviously it is being disputed with the bank. 

Considering all that has transpired, what steps can I take to remedy the current bill and previous charges?

My biggest concern is that Google saw this "active" account that wasn't being monitored - dead site and attached email address that wasn't logged into for a year, and saw an opportunity to manufacture clicks to charge a higher amount. 


Re: Disput billing for an unused campaign to a non-exisitng website.

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Hi Jonathan C,


Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. To learn why you have been charged, after stopping your ads, click here.


We operate on a 30-day billing cycle, so it's possible that you won't be charged for your account balance for several weeks. To verify, there is no activity after you have stopped your ads, Click "Billing Summary" page and use My Change History Tool. 



Shafi Ahamed