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Disabling payment method

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I have sold my shop to another business and would like to transfer the AdWord account to the new manager as well, so that she can use all the accumulated data. However I obviously don't want to transfer the account with my credit card freely available for payment. Is there any way to go around the requirement that there always must be a payment method?


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Re: Disabling payment method

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Hi Jiri,

There can be two possibilities here. If you've been using Manual payments, you would have saved your credit card details in the account to make manual payments as and when required. In that case, you can remove card details from the account.

In case you've been using Automatic Payments (automatic charge on your CC), you'll have to either ask for the new manager's CC details, save it in the account and remove yours or give them access, have them add their CC details and ensure yours is removed. If either of you aren't comfortable with this, you can contact the support team (via phone or email) to switch your account to Manual payments (after clearing the outstanding balance) so that you can remove your CC from the account. Later, the new manager can opt for Automatic Payments and add their CC to the account.

From what I know, switching from Automatic to Manual payments isn't available for all accounts as billing methods differ from region to region. I hope it is available in yours!

Let me know how it goes Smiley Happy

Sumanth Sridhar