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Deadline for promotional code

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Hello all,


I want to signup with Adwords and use promotional code for new account. But I'm not sure about the deadline this code. I want to do this:


- Sign up.

- Transfer about 50$ to my account.

- Apply promotional code to get extra money

- But RIGHT NOW, I don't want to RUN any campaign.

- I want to save all my transfer amount and extra money from coupon for using later.


Questions are: Is it possible? And how long before coupon code expire?

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Re: Deadline for promotional code

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Hi Anh.
The coupon code doesn't expire AFTER you add it to your account.
The setup you have outlines is the best way to do it. If you set up your account, deposit $50, add your promo code, you can wait as long as you want to actually run a campaign.

You must apply the code to your account within 14 days of OPENING your AdWords account. Once it is applied, it doesn't expire.