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Daily Budget

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Is it possible to put different daily budgets over a week in Google Adwords, and leave it like that automatically?
For example, I want to have these budgets over a week:
Monday R800
Tuesday R500
Wednesday R500
Thursday R500
Friday R500
Saturday R200

Is that a setting possible in Google Adwords?

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Re: Daily Budget

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A budget is set at campaign level, once and for all. Unlike the bids which can vary during certain periods of the day and days of the week. But it may be possible to achieve what you want through AdWords scripting. Having the script run at 12:01 every night and detect the day of the week, and change the budget according to some rules. That is if the campaign budget is accessible through scripting.


I'm also sure that this is also possible through the AdWords API, but I have not tried that (waiting for my developer token).

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