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Daily Budget - Want to Run More Frequently

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Hi Team,

i have some problem in my account in daily budget. In some of the ad group showing the Budget limited. And Due to this problem i am not able to show my ads every time, Even i am using the Exact mach keywords not in broad match and in setting we have selected standard option. After that Our budget is showing limited Kindly tell me the How we can calculate the daily budget for the campaign so it run frequently and not show occasionally.





Rishi Acharya  

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September 2015

Re: Daily Budget!

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Hello Rishi !


Have you installed conversion tracking ? If so you can see which keywords generate or assist conversions and you can stop the rest of the keywords from wasting your budget by pausing or deleting them.


Is your campaign a search or display campaign ? Spending is different and I would suggest turning off the display campaign first if it does not generate return on investment.


What does your website aim to achieve through adwords : sales, phone leads, exposure of the brand ?


You can optimise the cost by optimising the quality score of your keywords. Try adding negative keywords to those ad groups and turning off ads that have a low CTR . A low QS generates a lower ad rank and you have to increase the MaxCPC value in order to maintain the keyword position on the first page of search results.


Find the keywords with the lowest QS and pause them. Create new ad groups for them, new ads that include them in the text to increase relevancy and verify after a week or two if the QS has increased.