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Dacline payment issue google adwords & fb ads in pakistan ?

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  • Hello, I am new to adwords from Pakistan. I am looking to set up adwords account but while making payments/setting billing the debit card isn't going through. It gives the following message:
  • Your bank or credit institution gave the following details about the decline: No reason provided by your financial institution 
  • Please ensure that your form of payment's details are correct. Then make a payment for your outstanding balance. If the payment is unsuccessful, contact your bank or credit institution to resolve the issue. 
  • i contact bank, bank is everthing is ok ?
  •  please guide me how to fill form  ?
  • or where i mistake ?
  • if you have video tutorial, give me link, help me
  • this same problem at facebook and google, ?
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Faial Hassan
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Re: Dacline payment issue google adwords & fb ads in pakistan ?

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Faisal,


Thanks for your post. This is a question that I will have to refer to our support team. They should be able to look at your account with you to see what the problem is. Be sure to keep a look out for an email from "adwords-support" if you do not receive an email check your spam box.