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DIfferent costs in Accounts and Campaigns?

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Today we realized that if I add the costs of all campaings in a single account and I compare it to the cost shown in my Accounts (Or billing) its lower , and by about 10% what is a lot... ¿Does anyone have any idea why? Shouldent it be the exact same number (maybe the actual billing be lower, cuz of fake clicks, but not higher)...

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Re: DIfferent costs in Accounts and Campaigns?

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi Simón,

There are a number of reasons you may see this type of discrepancy. Due to things like invalid clicks you mentioned, overdelivery, and currency differences, if any, you may see slightly different number reported in your MCC vs. the individual accounts. Have you factored all of those into your calculations?

Happy to help troubleshoot if none of these look to be the culprit!