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Credit for Adwords

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Hello, If i want to change my credit card with another one in my Adwords account, what happens if I added credit a day before? Do I lose that money, or is it transferred to the new card?

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September 2015

Re: Credit for Adwords

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Welcome to our growing community,


According to HELP CENTER:


Adding, changing, or updating your form of payment

Things to keep in mind:

    • You can edit all details for your form of payment except for the credit card or bank account number.
    • If your credit card has expired and you receive a new credit card with the same account number and an updated expiration date, you'll want to edit your card details -- not add a new one.
    • If the number of your credit card or bank account has changed, we consider this to be a new credit card or bank account. You'll need to add it as a new form of payment. Then, remove your outdated form of payment.
    • You don't need to re-enter your CVV number if your credit card number stays the same or your CVV number changes

So if you meet all the requirements above, whatever funds you have successfully transferred from your credit card to your AdWords Account will remain and you can use that as available credit to run your ads.

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