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Coupon/Voucher code use?

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I put entered a coupon/voucher code when signing up, where do I verify that it will be used for my CPC before my card is charged?



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Re: Coupon/Voucher code use?

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Re: Coupon/Voucher code use?

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Hi Sarah,


You can check out the Billing tab, which is one of the options on the solid green bar that extends from left to right across the top of your screen, to see if the promotional credit has been applied. However, depending on the terms of the promotion, it is possible you will not actaully see the amount applied until after a certain condition has been met (ie spend $X, enable a certain feature, etc.)


If you contact our support team directly (see the 'Contact AdWords' button above), and provide us with the code, we will be able to confirm whether of not it has already been appropriately applied to your account.


Thanks for posting, and have a wonderful weekend!


Best wishes,



The Google AdWords Team